Answered Prayers

God answers prayer.



Philippians 4:6-7  6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.



On Monday of Thanksgiving week 2006, I called my boss and told him I needed to quit so that I could start traveling with my husband.  I still needed a job and didn't know how that could happened so I prayed and asked God what to do.  That Wednesday morning the plant manager from the company that I had just quit on Monday called to offer me a remote job where I could work from anywhere in the world as long as I had computer access.  God answers prayers.


Next, the issue of paying for my travel expenses to be with my husband came up, so again I got on my knees and asked God what to do.  Before I could get back up off of my knees, my sister called to offer me some plane tickets.  God answers prayers.


God heard my cry in anguish on a Thursday in November when I learned some devestating news.  He knew when I called to inquire on a house earlier in the week (or the end of the week before) that later I would be crying out for help.  I had no desire to purchase this house and was just curious about the price.  Then on the following Thursday, when I cried out to God for comfort and help, the relators called me back concerning information about the house.  It turns out these realtors also are marriage counselors and what a great comfort they were during this time of trial.  God answers prayers.


I did not think I had the strength to stand up to walk away from an abusive and manipulating situation.  I asked God for strength.  God answers prayers.


I prayed for months that the man I love would go to counseling with me.  God answers prayers.


I prayed that God would show me what I need to change - what bitterness, unforgiveness, pain, selfrighteousness, arrogance, and other evils I was holding onto so tightly.  God answers prayers.


I prayed that God would forgive me my sins, that he would restore and heal my brokenness and brokenheart.  God answers prayers.


I prayed that God would show me how to forgive.  That week I had been listening to the Essentials of a Happy Marriage sermon series CD set.  Just so happens the last sermon was about all about Forgiveness.  Then I went to the grocery store that week and there just happened to be a cardboard bin of Christian books for sale.  I picked up What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by Mckinney Hammond.  It's main theme is forgiveness.  The night I picked up that book, God revealed to me a bitterness and unforgiving heart that I had been clinging to for a decade.  Since this time the sermon series at a friends church has been on Condemnation and scripture has been popping up all over the place regarding forgiveness.  One of the biggest things for me to hear, was that Christ didn't wait for me to say I was sorry and restore a relationship with Him before he died for my sins.  And what right do I have to hold unforgiveness towards another person when Christ has wiped my sins clean - ALL OF THEM.  God showed me and is still showing me what forgiveness means.  What principles that forgiveness follows.  What love really is.  God is so good.  God answers prayers.


Now that I'm almost finished with the What Becomes of the Brokenhearted book, I started praying What should I read next God?  At the same time I've been praying "What does it mean to delight in God?"

(from psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD

and he will give you the desires of your heart.)

So I was back at that same grocery store this past Saturday and decided to look through the bin again.  Lo and behold, the book Delighting God was in there and I bought it.  Wow!  God answers prayers.


More answered prayers...

I asked God to heal me from a chronic illness I have had for almost 10 years, God has healed me and has revealed and healed me from another similar illness that was never diagnosed due to the symptoms from the initial illness.  God is so good.  Our God heals.  The day I went to see the doctor I was terrified of going by myself.  That day we were flying back into town just before the doctors appointment and I prayed off and on for 2 hours that I would not have to go alone.  God answers prayers and my husband went with me and was so supportive and encouraging after the visit.  God is so good.  Our God heals.


I asked God to show me how to pray...  I have been given the Lord's prayer through email, through a prayer journal that was given to me, through a book on CD that is about prayer.  He is teaching me more and more about prayer and it not just being my onesided conversation but communion with the Lord of the universe.   He actually wants to hear from me.  He actually wants to speak to ME! wow!  God is so good; He wants to talk with you too.


I asked God to help me make a connecting flight that I had no time to make.  He delayed the flight and I made it.


I asked God to protect a loved one from evil influences.  Those evil influences have been blocked by the Almighty again and again.


God met a need for a church I had joined in to prayed for.  God is so good to let me be at the church the day that the pastor got the call that this need was met.  Praise God!


God is rebuilding my marriage from the ashes and restoring the year of the locust.  Praise God!!!


God has allowed me to become pregnant.  This is my 10th year of marriage and it is a miracle.   Thank you Lord!!!


I just started praying about whether we are to stay in the home we are in or move to a neighborhood that is off a busy road like the one we live on; God answered this prayer by telling me to wait.


God is still protecting me and my husband from those that would do us harm or be evil influences.  Thank you Lord!


In February 2009, I had an art exhibit regarding where life begins - conception, beating heart, birth?  I believe life begins at conception.  In March, I was told I had a tubal pregnancy and could die any minute when the tube ruptured.  On a Tuesday the ob/gyn doctor pushed me to have a chemical abortion by using fear saying it could limit my chances of getting pregnant again if I didn't abort (kill) this child also using fear of death.  I refused the abortion.  I called out for help from God and called our church for help.  They routed my phone call to a pastor on call but I got hungup on.  So I called back and ended up talking with a marriage mentor that I used to see once a week at a support group.  Her daughter went through a similar situation a year before and she gave me the name of the pro-life doctor that her daughter had gone to.  Through God's hand, I was able to go to that doctor the following Monday.  This doctor reviewed my records and determined that more tests were necessary.  I had had a "missed"  miscarriage which just took longer than most and it was not a tubal pregnancy.  I praise God for sustaining me and my husband during such a tramatizing time.  I praise God for the peace He has given me regarding our third child.  I praise God for giving me strength to resist the fear that the initial doctor was trying to incite in my soul.  I praise God for getting me an appointment to get into the new practice so I could get the truth.  (that doctor was generally booked weeks and sometimes months in advance for new patients)  I praise God for His sovereign hand and how He work everything out for me over and over in my life and I don't deserve Him.  Thank you Lord!  And now I praise Him because this fall 2009 I became pregnant again and just before Christmas I saw and heard the beating heart of this little miracle child.  AMEN LORD!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!


I prayed that if we were to move and my husband take a certain job out of state that God would send someone to our house saying they would want to buy it.  We told our neighbors in the morning that my husband might take the job but we weren't sure.  That evening, our neighbor stopped saying that his friend was interested in buying our house if we did move.  A couple months later the friend made a low offer on the house.  I prayed that morning that God would give us a sign if we should accept the offer.  That afternoon a friend came over and prayed with us at our front door to sell our house and she turned to me and said she felt like God was telling her if someone made a really low offer to go ahead and take it because God will provide.  AND HE DOES!  We took the offer and have moved!


God kept us from purchasing 3 different homes and we settled into our rental house in our new town.  In selling our house part of the contract was to leave the microwave and at the new rental house, there on the kitchen counter was a like new microwave for us to use!  Also our furniture could not fit better in this home. wow!  Thank you Lord!


God is still speaking clearly to me.  He is protecting me even when I make stupid decisions.  Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy.  Praise Him for answering a specific prayer regarding my husband lately.  Praise God!!


God is protecting my health.  When a small egg sized lump appeared in my right breast in October, I assumed it was a cyst as this had happened after my previous miscarriage several years ago.  It was very painful and eventually went away at the end of October or beginning of November.  My husband insisted that I go to the doctor anyway just in case.  The doctor found a small lump in my left breast and sent me to an ultrasound technician.  I know it was God directing where to go and who to see because this lump was so small that only the best doctor or ultrasound technician would find it.  They sent me on to a specialist in a nearby larger city and at that appointment the nurse didn't find the lump by exam or ultrasound but the doctor eventually did.  The doctor did a biopsy and determined this to be a fibroinoma(spelling?).  Praise God for finding out this was not cancer and getting me to the right doctors.





God is speaking directly to me.  He is speaking directly to you too.  Ask yourself, "Am I listening?"  And pray that God will give you the open heart and listening ear to hear his voice.  Look for his soft whisper in prayer and Bible study.   I am learning alot from the Bible study "Discerning the Voice of God"  by Priscilla Shirer.  Here is some helpful information from the study...


"When  you think the Holy Spirit is leading you. look for 1.  the witness fo the Holy Spirit  2.  the illumination of the scripture and 3.  the confirmation of God's hand in circumstances."  

If you "feel" like the Holy Spirit is leading you to do something BUT it contridicts scripture, then it is most likely YOUR "feelings" and not the Holy Spirit.    


Go to God in prayer about the details in your life.  


He loves you!(John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.)


He knows how many hairs are on your head.(Matthew 10:30And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.)  He cares about the details in your life!  He loves you!!!  



God answers prayers.